Friday, July 19

A 16-year-old boy dies in a house fire in Barakaldo | Spain

A 16-year-old boy died and six others were injured in a fire that broke out Sunday morning at a home in the Biscayne town of Barakaldo. The causes of the event are under investigation.

The fire broke out at 2.45am in number 2 Auzolan square, in the city centre, as reported by the Basque security department. The structure of the four-story building is made of wood and the fire has become very intense. Among the injured are two minors, who have been transferred to Cruces hospital.

A witness told Radio Euskadi that the flames devastated the wooden staircase of the building and that several residents, including some minors, had to jump from the windows. The local police and firefighters had to evacuate four buildings and the affected families were transferred to the Larrea school for an overnight stay. Although the flames have already been extinguished, firefighters continue at the scene due to the risk that the property could collapse.

The mayor of Barakaldo, Amaia del Campo, has convened the College of Spokespersons to determine the measures to be adopted by the Consistory.

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