Friday, July 19

A French amateur club, first beneficiary of a payment from the FIFA Clearing House

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SC Malesherbois has received a payment of 159,990 euros, which exceeds its annual budget

Membership is for the international transfer to a European front-row club of a player trained in their ranks

Modest French amateur club SC Malesherbois became the first team to benefit from the FIFA Clearinghouse, the institution founded by the governing football federation licensed to centralize and automate financial flows between clubson training fees.

SC Malesherbois received a fee of €159,990 for the international transfer to a top European club of a player trained in their ranks between the ages of 12 and 15. The payment exceeds the French team’s annual budget and represents the largest amount it has received for a player’s training to date. It is not the only income, given that according to Fifa the payments will be made shortly outstanding relating to that transfer for a similar amount.

“As it is an automated process, we just had to follow the instructions given by the FIFA Clearing House. We didn’t need to apply for the training allowance, which for a small club like ours is a big advance,” explained Emmanuel Esnault , president of the French team. The transaction was carried out from the FIFA headquarters in Paris and under the control of the French banking supervisory authority.

“This first payment, made to SC Malesherbois, is a clear example of the benefits, fairness and efficiency that the Clearing House will bring to the entire football pyramid, along with increased integrity in the transfer system, as part of the comprehensive reform carried out by FIFA in recent years,” explained Emilio García Silvero, Director of FIFA’s Legal Services and Compliance Division.

Since the institution’s presentation in November 2022, FIFA has generated nearly 7,300 eSports Passportsand hundreds of award orders have been processed through it worth over $18 million (€16.74 million), which will be processed once compliance assessments are completed.

These figures are expected to increase fivefold.and also six times, throughout 2023 and assume a new annual record in training compensation awarded by FIFA during this first year of operation of the Clearing House.

The organization was created with the aim ofand promote financial transparency and integrity in the international transfer system.