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CBA extension – the final – working day 1


real Madrid

real Madrid

Barça parked the earthquake of the Mirotic case and scored first in the ACB final against Real Madrid. The Barça star contributed 14 points and seven rebounds to bring attention back to the game. And there Jasikevicius’ team showed off its wide offensive repertoire (seven players with 10 or more points, with Laprovittola in the lead) to enlist in the initial assault.

The bet had started in the color of the visit. A triple from Williams-Goss and a two plus one from Tavares allowed Madrid to take the first bite (0-6). Barça woke up with Vesely’s mid-range shots, one meter from the Cape Verdean giant. Goss opens the book of penetrations and Mirotic crashes in his attempt to score against the bulk of Yabusele (4-12). Saras shook the bench and Abrines ignited the spark with the first bingo of three, which was answered by Musa. The red and white revolved around Tavares, who in addition to being an imposing lighthouse knows how to move his feet (16-17).

The agitation of Jokubaitis, the wrist of Sanli and an extra effort in defense allowed the Catalans to seal the climb (28-23) with a partial of 17-5. The machine of foreign shooting has begun to fuel in Palau.

Barça had already entered the triple and Kuric joined the carousel. Of course, Sergio Rodríguez would not be left behind, blessed in this final stretch of the road. Vesely kept hitting from five yards and Rudy also made his mark from the perimeter. The game went swimmingly and Satoransky committed his third personal foul midway through the second quarter (37-33). Laprovittola appeared with five points in a row in a very supportive Barça, fattening the basket of assists. And Mirotic’s first basket has finally arrived, on the hills of Tavares. The appointment was untied and entered a correcales. Namely, Lull territory, I take to score and connect Yabusele: 47-50 at halftime after a 5-15 swing.

Jasikevicius kept his bet on Jokubaitis and Sanli, a rough profile with which to tickle the wingers. Mirotic has begun to show some signs of life, albeit shy, still far on the pitch from the protagonism he had earned off the day before. In that battle lived under the board, Tavares committed his first foul when he was aiming in the middle of the third quarter. The defenses had more weight than the attacks, certainly to the satisfaction of the coaches, and in five minutes of that period the score barely moved by a few centimeters (51-54). The offensive joy was gone. The stars of both teams dribble with handcuffs. The revolutionaries wanted. Barça have now missed the three points they used to celebrate and Madrid have been weighed down by defeats. Lots of chess in Palau. Chus Mateo made use of his hat-trick of captains (Sergio Rodríguez, Llull and Rudy) and Barça went into the break ahead (63-61).

The trains collide, Mirotic against Tavares, and the Spanish-Montenegrin comes out of the rebound with the third foul in his backpack. On the next play, the star who will say goodbye in the next few days hit his first triple. They are the last pills of a star from which a greater luminosity was expected.

Barça wanted to run, on Laprovittola’s shoulders. The tension was maximum on the parquet and on the benches. A technique from Chus Mateo and the reliability of Abrines to add threes allowed Barça to widen the gap (74-64). Sergio Rodríguez reacted in the blink of an eye and Madrid brought Tavares back after his interval between substitutes. At that crossroads, Lull present! shouted too, very comfortable at the end of the film.

Satoransky fearlessly emerged in front of the Tavares wall. Da Silva also bit there. Barça managed to provoke forced shots, rebounds and runs. Madrid loses balance with defeats (80-70), supported by the faith of the eternal Chacho, Llull and Rudy. Mirotic takes a rebound, goes on the perimeter and scores the triple (85-77). The black and whites conceded on free throws and Barça, with 34 points in the last quarter, managed the lead without breaking a sweat. This Sunday (6.30pm), on the same stage, the second round of the final.


Barcelona: Satoransky (11), Laprovittola (19), Abrines (10), Mirotic (14), Vesely (10) —starting team—; Kalinic (4), Da Silva (10), Paulí (0), Sanli (14), Kuric (3), Jokubaitis (2), Nnaji (0).

Real Madrid: Williams-Goss (9), Hanga (0), Musa (5), Yabusele (11), Tavares (15) —starting team—; Rudy (7), Hezonja (9), Sergio Rodríguez (16), Causeur (2), Poirier (0), Llull (14).

Partial: 28-23, 19-27, 16-11 and 34-27.

Referees: Hierrezuelo, Perea and Caballero.
Palau Blaugrana. 6,819 spectators.

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