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Cleansing strips are very effective in removing blackheads. GETTY IMAGES.

While they can be annoying and unsightly, blackheads can be easily removed with the right products. The ideal way to prevent them is to cleanse the skin of the face regularly to remove the excess oil and dirt that accumulates every day. But when they are already very noticeable, there are scrubs, gels or electric devices that are very effective in clearing clogged pores.

A good example, which is enjoying success on social media such as TikTok for its effectiveness and good value for money, is this aloe vera-based mask which, once dry, can be removed with pore remover strips.

Guided by other people’s recommendations, many users of the platform are uploading videos that they do this with hashtags #lanbena OR #removal of blackheads in which you can see how simple the cleaning process is and the good results obtained.

Cleansing strips for points on the nose, chin or forehead

Beauty experts advise against extracting blackheads at home, as they could become inflamed or infected and you would get the opposite effect to what you want. It’s best to resort to a facial cleanser like this one that combines a mask formulated with high-quality aloe vera and strips that ensure smooth and easy removal.

The steps to follow are very simple, just apply a thin layer on the area to be treated, cover it with the paper patches and, after about five or ten minutes, when the mask is dry, carefully remove the strips. In this way, grease and dirt come out of the pores without exerting pressure and the skin is smoother and softer.

Suitable for all skin types

He package includes 60 stickers to remove the mask when it solidifies and a jar with 30 grams of product. The mask can be used on all skin types, although due to its characteristics it is excellent for oily and combination skin which tends to experience more problems of this type.

One of its advantages is that the results are visible in a few minutes and, being a product that spreads easily, it can be applied to the forehead, nose, chin or cheeks.

*All purchase prices included in this article are accurate as of June 8, 2023.

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