Friday, July 19

Mata and her joke about Icardi: “You still owe me money”

07/02/2023 at 17:07


The former Galatasaray footballer joked with the Argentine at his farewell

“You gave me the trophy I was missing,” Mata told the forward

Juan Mata has completed his cycle with Galatasaray. The Burgos midfielder has terminated his contract with the Turkish team and has not renewed the bond, greeting the fans, the club and all his teammates, including the Argentinean Mauro Icardi.

The PSG striker on loan in the Süper Lig has collected 22 goals in 24 gamesessential for winning the Scudetto and giving Juan “the title he was missing”, as the Spaniard himself expressed in a farewell post on his Instagram.

“Thanks to each of you. I’ve been to many different dressing rooms, played with many players, but the camaraderie we’ve had and the lifelong friends I’ve been able to make this season is something I’ll never forget. It was special. I truly believe that the atmosphere we created between us made us champions.“, stressed John.

“We overcame challenges as a team and we should be proud of it. We were able to work selflessly together with the same goal and that was the key to our success. I will miss you! All the best to you all, please bring the Champions League at Nef Stadium! And thank you Mauro Icardi for giving me the trophy I was missing, but you still owe me the money from our free throw betsMata joked.

A World Cup, one Euro Cup, one Champions League, two Europa Leagues, two FA Cups, one Copa del Rey, one Community Shield, one EFL Cup and, this season, the Turkish league These are the trophies that Mata accumulates throughout her career, waiting to see what the next step will be.