Friday, July 19

Moukoko responds after receiving racial slurs on her social media

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German squad players Moukoko and Ngankam have received racist comments on their social networks after missing a penalty each in the Under-21 European Championship

Moukoko, faced with this situation, declared that “we have to fight against these people” because “they are idiots”

Just weeks after Vinicus Jr was racially abused at the Valencia stadium, players of German nationality, Youssoufa Moukoko and Jessica Ngankam, they also have received racial insults after both missed a penalty during the Europeu Sub-21 match who faced Germany and Israel.

These are people who have nothing to do. We are all the same, we all bleed the same blood. You have to fight these people. They are idiots.”, confessed Moukoko. This is how the Borussia Dormunt player defended himself the insults (monkey smileys and xenophobic slurs) that you have received on your social networks.

If we win we are all Germans, if we lose we are blacks, then come the monkey comments. Things like that don’t belong in football.“, he explained.

As for your partner Jessica NgankamMoukoko added : “I also told him not to lower his head. We are a team, we want to play football.”

Faced with this unfortunate situation, THE The German Federation has decided not to remain silent and expressed his unconditional support to both players of the selection. “Our national teams leave their hearts on the pitch. Together, for each other and for Germany. We will not allow ourselves to be divided by hatred and racism.”