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Pregnant woman dies in dinghy trying to reach Lanzarote | Spain

Two funeral home workers and three agents of the National Police unload the body of the pregnant woman who arrived lifeless at the port of Arrecife (Lanzarote).Adriel Perdomo (EFE)

New tragedy aboard a migrant boat trying to reach the islands. At nine in the morning of this Tuesday, less than a kilometer off the coast of Los Cocoteros, in Lanzarote, a small fishing vessel fishing in the area located a dinghy carrying 52 immigrants and the body of a pregnant woman. as confirmed both by the spokesmen of the Maritime Rescue and by those of the Island Emergency Consortium.

The fishermen offered water and biscuits to the occupants of the tire until Salvamento arrived. Subsequently, the Salvamar Al Nair savedor the survivors – 42 men, seven women and three minors – and disembarked them at 11 in the morning at the Cebolla pier (Arrecife). All were in good health, except one person, who was transferred to the Doctor José Molina Orosa hospital for minor pathologies.

The call way of the Canaries is recording an apparent rebound in arrivals in recent weeks, favored by good weather conditions at sea. Almost all of these arrivals have the island of Lanzarote as their final destination because last year the trend of the route from southern Morocco was confirmed, in places like Tan Tan or Agadir, closer to the island; which surpassed Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, and very far from the islands of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro), according to the latest report of the Spanish Commission for Aid to Refugees (CEAR). The humanitarian organization warned this week in the presentation of the document that the use of rafts to cross the ocean has spread, boats that are much more precarious and fragile in the face of storm surges, which, moreover, often sail overflowing with people.

Arrival of the survivors of the dinghy with 42 men, seven women and three minors of sub-Saharan and North African origin this Tuesday in the port of Arrecife.
Arrival of the survivors of the dinghy with 42 men, seven women and three minors of sub-Saharan and North African origin this Tuesday in the port of Arrecife. Adriel Perdomo (EFE)

Until June 15th –which is the latest figure published by the Ministry of the Interior—, 5,914 immigrants had arrived in the Canary Islands by sea, a figure of 31.5% significantly lower than in 2022. The first half of June, however, alone accounts for 25% of all people rescued since the beginning of the ‘exercise. In fact, the islands have just experienced the fifteen most intense arrivals of the year, with 1,508, according to the count elaborated by the Efe news agency, which far exceeds the 1,036 of the second half of February and the 1,018 of the second half of February May.

The Canary Islands migration route is also one of the deadliest in the world. This claimed the lives of 559 people in 2022, including 22 boys and girls, according to data provided by the Disappeared Migrants Project of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), according to CEAR in its latest annual report, This figure is ” of minima ”, since it does not contemplate the invisible shipwrecks where no survivors are found.

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