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Like every summer, it’s a good time to tune your air conditioning. In addition to checking the outside and cleaning the inside, we need to remove the accessories that make it work from the drawer: like the remote control. However, what may be an everyday act like turning on this type of air conditioner can end in frustration. Especially if the batteries have leaked or part of the hand control has been damaged. To solve it, we can always acquire an asset universal remote control for air conditioning.

The one we have chosen to describe in this article is among the highest positions in its category on the platform. Amazonia and has many reviews: exceeds 4,000 opinions. Furthermore, it ranks among the 125 best-selling products of the Global Top in the Home and Kitchen section.

Superior Electronics universal climate control is distinguished in different sections depending on the customers, such as the Easy to use AND placement OR his remote control system. Price also affects: Having a 40% discount.. “Just what I needed and very easy to program”says one of them. And is it a more efficient accessory? Decidedly. The manufacturer promises a Energy saving of 30%. compared to other models.

Detail of the universal remote control for air conditioning by Superior Electronics.
Detail of the universal remote control for air conditioning by Superior Electronics.

Backlit display, large digits and compact size

One of the disadvantages that usually occur in older air conditioning controls is that they have small screens. Quite the opposite of what happens in the model of the Superior Electronics company. This accessory has a large backlit display and large contrasting digits. Both those relating to the temperature and other parameters, such as time, date or timer.

“The big screen with a blue background and big letters is ideal for the elderly. Indicates the room temperature and the air conditioning set temperature”, comments a second user. A competitive advantage which, as many of them explain, did not have the original control for their air conditioning and helps a lot in poorly lit rooms or in night management.

As for its size, it should be noted that it takes up just enough in the hand even if it doesn’t seem that way at first glance. And this is because the secondary controls (such as the sleep or timer functions) in its lower area are hidden by a sliding panel. “Very useful to have the main functions on the outside and the rest inside the hidden lid”says a third customer.

This universal remote has a basic external keyboard.
This universal remote has a basic external keyboard.

Intuitive use, basic keyboard in view and thousands of codes

At this point, a question is very likely to assail us: how to configure a universal climate control? The answer is short and concise: simply. And with this model even more. The appliance has two programming modes: manual or automatic; In addition, it incorporates two fundamental indicators: the ambient temperature and the desired temperature that we want the room to reach.

On its visible keyboard there are just five keys strategically placed to make this remote very easy to use. Among these are the separate heating and air conditioning functions, which is not the case in many other original controls. The switching on and off are programmable and it has a night timer.

As if that weren’t enough, it has a two-year guarantee, incorporates a wall bracket to keep it more handy and is equipped with 4,000 specific codes for numerous models of air conditioners. “I bought it to replace another one that didn’t work, an LG air, and it works perfectly. Easy to connect with the codes it brings”clarifies another shopper.

The Superior Electronics universal remote comes with instructions in Spanish.
The Superior Electronics universal remote comes with instructions in Spanish.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of July 1, 2023.

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