Monday, May 27

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Díaz proposes to implement a tax on large fortunes of a permanent nature

The second vice president of the government and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, this Wednesday urged the leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núnez Feijóo, to withdraw the appeal of unconstitutionality against the labor reform. “I ask Feijóo that, if he wants to commit himself for his country, he withdraws the appeal of unconstitutionality against the labor reform”, she declared at the celebration of the 45th anniversary of the Five days.

Díaz indicated among the most urgent problems that the country is experiencing an unprecedented inflation crisis or the negative productivity differential and proposed to promote a tax reform. “Faced with the absence of a project led by Feijóo, I believe that tax cuts are not rigorous in a country like ours. It doesn’t fit science and rigor,” he said. “There is a fiscal injustice, it is real. I believe that whoever has more has more to give to our country. It must be done without a doubt. It is a reform of enormous depth, but it must be done with dialogue. We want to implement the tax on large estates not temporarily, but definitively and with a serene debate. We need to reform the corporate tax. It’s not about raising or lowering taxes, it’s about who pays the taxes.”

Díaz defended the reforms launched by the Executive, especially the job. “We have to move towards a new economic common sense that finds Spanish society, which is modern. We’ve had more than 52 labor reforms across the democracy and I think we’ve had the first where the paradigm changes as a country. It is the first time that employment is driving the economy and not vice versa. Labor reform and raising the minimum wage have been key in changing this logic,” he said. This “new common sense”, however, “has found it difficult to break through many bad economic ideas, such as austericide which wiped out hundreds of companies”, he added. Finally, he explained, good economic ideas have finally made their way: “We have changed the paradigm. In the face of crises, workers must not be fired, but rather keep their jobs. For the first time, we have 9.8 million working women. We are a better country, with more jobs, of higher quality, these are the public policies we are developing”.

The second vice president insisted that the country must continue to move forward. “We need to make big changes. We need to modernize public employment services. I think this is the big key. The labor reform has put an end to precariousness in the private sector, but we have a precariousness rate of 31.2% in the public sector: it is unacceptable”.

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