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Tadic leaves Ajax

07/14/2023 at 22:28


The Serbian striker leaves the club ‘ajacied’ due to disagreements with the sports management

Dusan Tadic believes Ajax have failed to create a competitive team this season and chooses to leave despite having one year left on his contract

Dusan Tadic, emblem of the club for many seasons, has already become a legend. And is that the Amsterdam club has announced that the Serbian striker will no longer wear the ‘ajacied’ shirt and that he will leave the club with immediate effect. Although he still has a year on his contract, Ajax and Tadic have decided to part ways after five successful seasons, such as reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League in 18-19.

According to the Dutch press, the club and the player had disagreements over the team’s sporting policy for next season. For Tadic, Ajax could not make a competitive team and the losses already confirmed and those to come would only weaken the squad. No big signings were expected, so Tadic preferred to step aside.

Thus, with the final farewell of the Serbian striker, Ajax greets all the members of that eleven who conquered the Santiago Bernabéu in the Champions League of the 2018-2019 season. Tadic was the reference up front, followed by others like David Neres, Frenkie de Jong was the reference in midfield and De Ligt was the keeper in defense. Now there is no one left.

We’ll see what Tadic’s future will be, as he leaves Amsterdam despite still having one year on his contract. However, club and player have opted for immediate termination. In recent days, the Serbian hadn’t trained anymore, fueling rumors of a possible departure after disagreeing with club policy. Now your goodbye is official.