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UEFA will distribute more than €2.7 billion next season

07/10/2023 at 14:05


It established the economic amounts of the different prizes that will be distributed among the teams that will participate in their competitions next season

The total amount to be divided between the various tournaments is 2,732 million euros

THE Uefa It has already established the economic amounts of the different prizes that will be distributed among the teams that will participate in their competitions next season (Champions League, Europa League and Conference League).

The total amount to be distributed among the different tournaments is 2,732 million euros. Between the top continental competition and the European Super Cup, 2,032 are distributed. For his part, 465 million will be distributed to the Europa League teams and 235 will reward those of the Conference.

Champions League

He sample of the competition will receive 72 million eurosadding the €2.8m for a win and €930,000 for a draw in group stage matches. In addition, you will receive the percentage of the participation fee and the ‘market pool’.

As for the previous rounds, UEFA will allocate a total of 30 million euros where the eliminated teams will gain 5 ‘kilo’. For access to the group stage, each team will receive 15.64 million fixed plus what is perceived by victory (2.8 million) or draw (930 thousand euros). Reaching the round of 16 will mean receiving 9.6 million, 10.6 in the quarterfinals, 12.5 in the semifinals and 15.5 in the final, to which the winner will have to add more 4.5.

Furthermore, clubs playing the European Super Cup will receive 3.5 million. The winner of the match will receive an extra million.

Regardless of merit on the field, UEFA will distribute 600 million euros based on the results of the last ten years, corresponding to «amounts by coefficients». The ‘market pool’ will distribute 300 million based on the proportional value of each television market.

european championship

For participating in the second continental competition, each team will receive €3.63 million. Unlike the Champions League, in the Europa League, €630,000 is collected for a win and €210,000 for a draw. Therefore, the sample of each group will enter a 1.1 million more, while the second will receive 550,000 euros.

The fee to reach the round of 16 is €500,000, the round of 16 €1.2 million, the quarter-finals €1.8 million, the semi-finals €2.8 million and the two teams that reach the final will win €4.6 million. Moreover, the winner will add another 4 ‘kilo’.

As for the coefficients, 69.75 million and 139.5 million euros will be distributed for the ‘market pool’.

Conference League

Each team participating in the group stage of the Conference League will receive 2.94 million euros, adding the income for win (€500,000) and draw (€166,000). In this way the champion of the group will enter another 650,000 and the second will win 325,000.

For reaching the round of 16, you will receive 300,000 euros, 600,000 for the round of 16, 1 million for the quarter-finals, 2 million for the semi-finals and 3 million for the final. You need to add more 2 million for the champion of the competition.

In the Conference, the participation coefficient will distribute 23.5 million and television rights from the ‘market pool’ another 23.5 million.